House rule

Dear guests! We are working on it, so that you can feel comfortable with us during your stay. The other Guests, or the tranquility of the area, please adhere to the following policies.

  1. Login / Check-Out:

The accommodation is on the day of arrival 14.00 from the morning of the day of departure 10.00 is available until. In the case of special prior agreement, it is possible to book the accommodation at an earlier time. On the day of departure 10.00 in case of departure after hours, we charge a surcharge.

The arrival is done with a key safe, so our personal presence is not necessary upon arrival. Az érkezés előtt 3 We will send you an informational e-mail during the day, everything is described in detail about both entry and exit. When needed, we can also appear in person upon prior agreement. Please, are registered in advance themselves in the guest registration system in the e-mail you received or send the data required for administration. If they don't do that, then upon arrival (due to the completion of mandatory administrative tasks) az adatrögzítés idejére it is necessary to hand over their personal identification documents. The key to the apartment is only the registration of the guests, the accommodation fee, and will be handed over after payment of the IFA. We will personally take over the apartment upon departure (we ask for an SMS notification of the time of departure).

Our Guests visit the visitor only and exclusively with the knowledge of the Accommodation Provider, with their consent. Guests can only use the accommodation in the pre-arranged number of people, which the host can check without prior notification.

  1. Payment:

After booking the accommodation 5 within days 30% the reservation becomes final with the payment of an advance payment. The reservation must be made before arrival 30. can be canceled free of charge for days. Then 1 night accommodation fee is a penalty. The remaining part of the accommodation fee and the payment of the tourist tax (reference) it can happen the day before arrival. If for any reason you leave the accommodation before the end of the pre-booked period, in that case, you are also obliged to pay the accommodation fee for the booked nights.

Payment methods: It is possible to arrive by bank transfer before arrival, pay to a bank account number or with a nice card (SMEs, K&H, OTP) to pay through the system of the Cashier Service Provider. The tourist tax cannot be paid with a Szép card!

  1. Parking use:

The apartment has its own internal parking. Parking is free for guests. There must be no major mounting on the vehicle in the parking area, perform maintenance. Minor repair, maintenance is allowed until then, while the cleanliness of the area is not compromised.

  1. Smoking:

Smoking and the use of open flames inside the building are strictly PROHIBITED! Smoking is only allowed in designated areas!

We respectfully ask our smoking guests, to maintain cleanliness in the yard, and the butts should not be scattered throughout the apartment, but collect them and put them in the trash.

If a measure is taken against the Accommodation Provider due to non-compliance with the law, the infringer is obliged to reimburse the cost thereof..

  1. Meal:

The apartments have a well-equipped kitchen, where it is possible to prepare simple meals. Utensils used in the kitchen are left washed in the accommodation. Do not place metal objects in the microwave.

please, do not eat in the rooms, do this only in the kitchen, and do it in the dining room!

  1. Rooms, use of furnishing items:

Please use the equipment as intended! The furnishings and equipment of the rooms, including towels, bed linen etc.. it is forbidden to take it out of the house! The furniture can be rearranged only with the consent of the Accommodation Provider.

Upon departure we will inspect the rooms and in case of any damage, the resulting costs will be reimbursed to the Guest on site. We respectfully ask you, so that wall surfaces and furniture are not smeared with insects, food, with a drink, etc.. Flammable in rooms, explosive material, means of transport (bicycle, engine, etc.) it is forbidden to enter, store. Please make sure when leaving the room, that the climate, the lights are off, or the water taps are closed.

You will notice any malfunction, please immediately, notify the Accommodation Provider immediately, we are unable to accept subsequent complaints.

In case of loss of the handed over the room keys, the Guest is obliged to inform the Accommodation Provider immediately, and to reimburse the costs involved (door opening, lock replacement, etc.)

  1. Cleaning:

The apartments are for guests clean, taken over cleaned up. If there is a problem with cleanliness, notify the Accommodation Provider, we are unable to accept subsequent complaints. Az apartmant 7 in case of overstaying immediately 1 times takarítjuk, bed linen and towels are changed. In addition, we do not perform cleaning, only on special request, for a fee (25.000 HUF/occasion). They can indicate their need for cleaning at the Accommodation Provider. Guests are required to clean up any major dirt generated by guests in the building.

  1. disposal, treatment:

Collection of household waste in the waste bin located in the kitchen of the apartments, or in the GREEN bin for collecting municipal waste in the yard. A selective garbage bag was placed in the yard, in which only the following wastes can be emptied: plastic PET bottle (mineral water, soft drink bottle), aluminum beer / soft drink / energy drink box, associated packaging (UHT tejes, soft drink boxes). DO NOT PLACE BOTTLE IN THE BAG! Please leave before departure, to collect the waste generated during their stay and place it in an appropriate waste container!

  1. Pile-fire barbecue, flekkenezés:

Put fire only in the designated fire place, wind, under supervision. After the fire, we ask the Guests to remove the garbage and pour water over the embers.

  1. fire protection:

The use of open flames in the apartment is prohibited. The escape route: the front door of each apartment opens to the outside. In case of fire, these should be used for escape. If the fire closes the front door, then through the windows (there is a mosquito net on half of the sash, the other half is not closed) through the outdoors. In the upstairs apartment, they can also leave through the canopy by the kitchen window. In case of fire, I ask the firefighters (105) and notify the Accommodation Tax.

  1. Services, Other:

Wi-Fi is free and a password has been posted in all apartments.

We provide the following services at the guests' special request:

  • child-friendly equipment and facilities (baby bed, mattress, high chair). There is a microwave in the kitchen.
  • extra blanket
  • radiator
  • iron, ironing board

Pets are not allowed in the apartment and in the yard. The Accommodation Provider is not responsible for the values ​​left in the accommodation. Damage to the apartment must be compensated by the person who caused the damage. Please note, that the Accommodation Provider is not able to take responsibility and pay compensation for damages resulting from events caused through no fault of its own (pl. natural disaster, hail, fire, Power outage, injuries in the car park, etc.).

To ensure the peace of mind of guests and neighbors, in the apartment and in the yard 22.00 – 08.00 it is forbidden to speak loudly between hours, playing music or listening to loud music.

The landlord reserves the right, that is scandalous (big noise, shouting, etc.), guests who do not follow the policy will not be accepted, or removed from the accommodation immediately. Guests who behave scandalously will be reported to the police.

Guests of the apartment are obliged to observe and accept the House Rules and human coexistence, the rules of cultured behavior.

On our Facebook page (Hello apartman) they will find useful information for planning their programs.

Good rest, we wish you a pleasant stay! 🙂

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